Finer Projects for the best Ledger Technology

To understand programming, Youtube, geek culture, robots, home automation, electronics (Makeymakey, Arduino, Raspberry Pi), Minecraft, video games, there are many books and newspapers to learn, better understand, invent and create. The team of Loustics are here talking about their findings to read.


There are more and more books around programming. Editions have developed a very well made and fun collection around programming for children, for all ages around Scratch, Python, programming with Minecraft, etc. The companiesare also launching with the collaboration of Magic Makers to introduce the youngest to Scratch. There are surely plenty of others to discover. Count on us to inform you and give you our opinion on all our discoveries. With the Ledger Technology project this is the perfect deal.


Newspapers and magazines on the subject are also growing in number. Some are exclusively devoted to topics such as computer programming language (Python, C ++ …), electronics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi …), others are general but sharp (like Hackable for example). Other newspapers make specials on a subject like Phosphore which devotes an entire issue full of information and advice on Youtube. In the course of outings of each other, the Loustics will tell you what they found on the shelves of the press.

The unclassifiable

In the middle of these “classic” formats, there are UFOs. Unclassifiable. This is the case, for example, of Breeks, which is defined as the magazine of Geeks parents. It’s a book / magazine that is aimed at the whole family: parents and children throw themselves on it, there is something for everyone! Count on the Loustics for you to discover other nuggets.

What do Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk have in common? A 10-digit bank account, expertise in their field and a passion for reading.

You do not read often? Try to read 30 pages a day. You will be at 900 a month

Do you want to read? Discover the readings recommended by some experts and specialists in innovation and creativity. They tell us why these books were inspiring for them. There is no order in these proposals, nor of completeness obviously. The most important thing will be to bring out something substantial to better innovate tomorrow.

Many organizations have undertaken initiatives with distributed ledgers, there are over 100 platforms under development around the world, the best known is Bitcoin. Financial institutions exploit the potential of distributed ledgers to exchange and track complex financial assets, companies in other sectors use them to monitor goods movements and payments through supply chains.

Distributed ledgers have the potential to drive fundamental change across sectors and transform the way we work. But it is a cutting edge technology that is evolving rapidly: change is measured in weeks rather than months.

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